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Complete checkout and pay using Bitcoin and many more for a 15% discount 🙂

Paying for good online with Cryptocoins has never been so easy. With the growth of the industry, not only is there plentiful information on buying and using coins, but the variety and flexibility they offer is the future of online e-commerce. 

We use CoinGate.com for our Cryptocoin invoices, so here’s their guide on buying coins. Link below.

CoingGate Guide

Once paid, the bitcoins or Altcoins will be sent to us instantly, and your order will be automatically processed and shipped.

More places to purchase Bitcoin or Altcoins to pay this invoice can be found below:






Buy Bitcoin for AUSTRALIANS



Pay securely using your VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and many more..
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SEPA bank transfer. Clears in 24 hours. Available to all EU countries (including UK)


For all EU and UK customers – SEPA bank transfers are available. SEPA bank transfers usually clear within 24 hours.

SEPA ModaPharma.com

Bank details will be provided to you at checkout.

15% Bitcoin Discount

Discount applied automatically when you select coin payments at checkout...

Why is Bitcoin the future of payment?

The First, largest and most commonly used anonymous and encrypted secure digital currency.

Send money through the internet to anywhere in the world in seconds for the price of a piece of paper.


Because Bitcoins are transferred from person-to-person which means.

No need for a bank or clearing house – So almost zero transfer fees, unlike banks

No prerequisites or arbitrary limits – No one can freeze your account.


It’s a person-to-person bitcoin trading site.
Payments options: All Credit & Debit Card Payments, Paypal, Cash, Bank transfer,
PaySafe Card, Neteller and WU.
Operates 12,000 cities within 249 countries.
Post and respond to adverts to buy and sell bitcoin.
Fast and simple site. Sign up in 20 seconds!

Operates with EU, USA, Canada and Signapore
Based in San Francisco, California
Support VISA and Mastercard
2,800,000 million users
Vast analytical resources


Offices in London, New York and Luxembourg
Millions of users
Excellent support including telephone and chat
Bitstamp Debit cards for spending your BTC
Instantly buy Bitcoins with your credit card
Extensive security measures at all levels